How I/we can help with the game

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How I/we can help with the game Empty How I/we can help with the game

Post  SlyStalker on Sat Jan 12, 2013 7:22 pm

Hey Maximinus/Chris,
I saw your game on and your game sounds good but the thing is my Chrome browser is stuffed up and has to read the cached versions of all the pages on and as a result I can't log in/register on and comment on the SPQR page. Stupid Chrome! Mad Anyway, I'd like to help with it because 1) this game sounds awesome and if I can make it awesomer then it would be... cool (awesome Very Happy ), 2) I'd really like to get some more experience programming and 3) I've always wanted to make a game like this!!! XD I can do a variety of things like programming, researching, graphics, you name it! So, please reply when you have decided whether or not I can be on your dev team! Razz
Cheers! SlyStalker


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